Product Guarantee

At Compac Home, we realise that furniture is a substantial investment and believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for style or vice versa.

  • Product Guarantee

To achieve this, we are meticulous about the aesthetic and functional criteria that each Compac Home item needs to meet; each design and material is subjected to a rigorous testing process. We even ensure that we can trace every finished product back to the raw materials used to make it. As a result, we are so convinced of the quality of our furniture that each piece is backed by our manufacturer’s warranties. (5 years for Flat Pack and Assembled Standard, and 10 years for Premium Assembled.)

Built from eco-friendly, renewable 100% NZ pine MDF, Compac Home furniture is overlaid with top quality paper laminates and PVC surfaces imported from leading suppliers in Germany, Spain and Taiwan, and fitted with high quality and thoroughly proved hardware components.

100% NZ Made

Our parent company, Compac Group, is a 100% NZ-owned company based in Dargaville, Northland and has been manufacturing furniture for the NZ retail market for 20 years. Its Compac Panels production facility covers 7,500m2 of machining and equipment, which is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that our manufacturing remains efficient, and our pricing competitive.

Your Guarantee

To authenticate your guarantee and to ensure that your furniture remains in top condition, always adhere to the guidelines below. To submit a warranty claim, click here.

Taking care of your furniture

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Keep in a dry place – avoid damp environments.
  • Ensure your furniture is placed on an even surface.
  • Wipe off any spilt liquids immediately.
  • Do not place cups or bottles directly on the surface. (A coaster or some other kind of protection should be used to prevent condensation causing damage.)
  • Avoid placing hot items directly on the surface. This includes coffee cups, hair-straighteners, irons etc.
  • Clean with a slightly damp cloth and buff dry with a soft dry cloth – microfiber is ideal.
  • Do not allow nail polish, removers, deodorants, diffusers or any other damaging chemicals to come into contact with the surface.
  • We can take no responsibility for staining of surfaces due to contact with dyes, paints etc.
    Compac Home can take no responsibility for modifications made to the cabinet’s surface, e.g. paint, stain, dye etc.
  • Do not open multiple drawers at any one time. (We can take no responsibility for the cabinet tipping due to multiple drawers being open.)
  • Never climb or stand on furniture or allow children to do so.
  • Treat your furniture with care. Compac Home takes no responsibility for damage caused by misuse or ill-treatment.
  • Take care when shifting furniture, so not to damage it (or yourself!) in any way. Units over 20kgs require two people.


Compac Home can take no responsibility for any damage caused by modifications made to the cabinet, e.g. removal, change or alteration of parts or hardware, or modifications to the surface e.g. paints, dyes, stains.
This furniture is guaranteed for domestic use only. We cannot cover commercial use.
This guarantee does not cover furniture purchased second hand. Any claims must provide proof of purchase from the original retailer.

Compac Home’s guarantees cannot cover damage caused by breaching any of the above guidelines. To validate your guarantee, register your purchase.