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If possible, always keep furniture out of direct sunlight.
The furniture’s looks can be protected by cleaning by wiping down with a natural-based spray, to prevent dust or grime build up. (We’d recommend a citrus-based cleaner such as De-Solv-it.)

MDF and particle board (chipboard) are both used in New Zealand for furniture manufacture. The primary difference between the two materials is the size of the fibres used. And that’s important! In MDF, the fibres are much smaller. This results in a denser, stronger, more uniform, more durable product. It also provides better grip for screws – increasing the furniture’s useful life. MDF is also more moisture resistant than particle board but heavier.

Both natural timber and MDF are very durable. Each has its fans, and its strengths and weaknesses. MDF is the easier to care for of the two, and the more accessible. In the end, however, the choice usually comes down to personal preference. And budget.

Our products are made for a long and useful life. And we stand behind them with our manufacturer’s warranty. Click here for details.

Freight to resellers is free to metropolitan areas on orders over our minimum freight value.

All our kitset products are held in finished stock. Assembled products are held as components – ready for quick assembly and despatch on order.

Because we stock our product in either finished form or component form for short supply lead time, we don’t offer custom made items. We do however offer a wide range of sizes, colours and hardware options across our over 20 different collections.

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